Welcome to the Air Quality Modelling website of TNO

Translating knowledge of emissions and air quality into solutions to environmental issues. That is the expertise of Air Quality and Emissions Research (AER). Here you will find specific information on our expertise in modeling atmospheric processes that form the link between emissions, concentrations and deposition.



What can we do for you? A short overview is given of our activities, divided into five research lines: Greenhouse Gas, Unraveling Particulate Matter, Nitrogen, Urban Air Quality & Sensor Networks, and Source Apportionment.


LOTOS-EUROS is our chemical transport model that is used for a wide range of applications supporting scientific research, regulatory programmes and air quality forecasts. It is available as an open-source software package.


The TNO Operational Pollution Apportionment Service (TOPAS) provides local concentration data for PM2.5 and PM10 in Europe resulting from daily updated LOTOS-EUROS calculations with source apportionment for contributing sectors and countries.


Our  emissions experts quantify spatial and temporal distributions of emissions that are needed as input for our air quality modeling tools, but also for policy related studies at national and EU scale.

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