Model Documentation

Reference Guide, Validation Report and User Guide

LOTOS-EUROS v2.0 was reased in 2016-10 as research version  and an open-source version. The documentation for this version consists of a Reference guide, describing the model’s properties and parameterizations, a User Guide, describing how to run and modify the model, and a validation report.


Although much of the research we perform is done for clients and not always published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, most of the reports we produce are publicly available.


The most recent papers can be found here.

Recent key peer-reviewed publications  are:

The hidden cost of using low-resolution concentration data in the estimation of NH3dry deposition fluxes  Schrader, F., Schaap, M., Zöll, U., Kranenburg, R., Brümmer, C. 2018 Scientific Reports 8(1),18021

Evaluation and error apportionment of an ensemble of atmospheric chemistry transport modeling systems: Multivariable temporal and spatial breakdown ,Solazzo, E., Bianconi, R., Hogrefe, C., (...), Yarwood, G., Galmarini, S. 2017 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17(4), pp. 3001-3054

Vivanco, M.G., Bessagnet, B., Cuvelier, C., (...), Thunis, P., Ung, A. 2017 Joint analysis of deposition fluxes and atmospheric concentrations of inorganic nitrogen and sulphur compounds predicted by six chemistry transport models in the frame of the EURODELTAIII project Atmospheric Environment 151, pp. 152-175

Schaap, M., Banzhaf, S., Scheuschner, T., Geupel, M., Hendriks, C., Kranenburg, R., Nagel, H.-D., Segers, A. J., von Schlutow, A., Wichink Kruit, R., and Builtjes, P. J. H.: Atmospheric nitrogen deposition to terrestrial ecosystems across Germany, Biogeosciences Discuss.,, in review, 2017.

Manders, A. M. M., Builtjes, P. J. H., Curier, L., Denier van der Gon, H. A. C., Hendriks, C., Jonkers, S., Kranenburg, R., Kuenen, J. J. P., Segers, A. J., Timmermans, R. M. A., Visschedijk, A. J. H., Wichink Kruit, R. J., van Pul, W. A. J., Sauter, F. J., van der Swaluw, E., Swart, D. P. J., Douros, J., Eskes, H., van Meijgaard, E., van Ulft, B., van Velthoven, P., Banzhaf, S., Mues, A. C., Stern, R., Fu, G., Lu, S., Heemink, A., van Velzen, N., and Schaap, M.: Curriculum vitae of the LOTOS–EUROS (v2.0) chemistry transport model, Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 4145-4173,

Timmermans, R. Kranenburg, A. Manders, C. Hendriks, A. Segers, E. Dammers, Q. Zhang, L. Wang, Z. Liu, L. Zeng, H. Denier van der Gon, M. Schaap Source apportionment of PM2.5 across China using LOTOS-EUROS Atmospheric Environment, 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2017.06.003

See the complete overview of papers from the past few years.


LOTOS-EUROS is used by Master’s and PhD students from various universities. Links to their theses can be found here.


Carlijn Hendriks Clearing the air : Air quality modelling for policy support Utrecht University 
ISBN: 978-90-393-6922-7


Sha Lu Variational data assimilation of satellite observations to estimate volcanic ash emissions

Delft University of Technology, doi:10.4233/uuid:81eb2519-1125-469b-b3f4-4674ea495f65, 2017

Guangliang Fu Improving volcanic ash forecasts with ensemble-based data assimilation, Delft Univeristy of Technology, doi:10.4233/uuid:97d82967-998a-413d-b1f8-8c46f3e064cc, 2017

See the complete list of Theses.