Scenarios and impacts

LOTOS-EUROS has been used for a wide variety of emission scenario studies, including the impact of emission timing and land use changes (plantation of biomass).

The impact of climate change on ozone and PM concentrations has been studied using this model, and long-term simulations have been used to assess the impact of climate policy over the past 20 years. The impact of air quality on health parameters, ecosystem loads and incoming solar radiation has also been studied. In addition, new species were added: LOTOS-EUROS has been used to model ultrafine particles, methane and CO2. LOTOS-EUROS results have been combined with local models to cover the full range of relevant scales, from regional to urban and street level.

Decomposition of Relative Risk (% extra all-cause mortality) for several emission scenarios for a few sample countries: the Netherlands (NLD), representative of northwest Europe, Sweden (SWE), representative of Scandinavia, Poland (POL), representative of central Europe, and Italy (ITA), representative of the Mediterranean region.