Country allocation labels

The following codes are used in the country allocation plots to denote a country.

Country labels for TOPAS
Code Country
AUT Austria
BEL Belgium
BGR Bulgaria
CHE Switzerland
CZE Czech Republic
DEE Germany
DNK Denmark
EST Estonia
GRC Greece
ESP Spain
FIN Finland
FRA France
HRV Croatia
HUN Hungary
IRL Ireland
ISL Iceland
ITA Italy
LTU Lithuania
LVA Latvia
NLD Netherlands
NOR Norway
POL Poland
PRT Portugal
ROU Romania
SWE Sweden
SVN Slovenia
SVK Slovakia
GBR Great Britain
TUR Turkey
UKR Ukraine
BLR Belarus
LUX Luxemburg
CYP Cyprus
MLT Malta
MNE Montenegro
YUG Yugoslavia
MKD FYR Macedonia
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
XKX Kosovo
ALB Albania
RUS Russia
GRL Greenland

In addition, also the following non-country labels are used:

Non-country labels for TOPAS
Code Label
SEA International shipping on seas
OTHER Contribution from countries that did not get their own land code, including e.g. Kazachstan, Georgie, etc.
Natural Natural origin, e.g. sea salt, mineral dust, NOx emissions from soils, and forest fires
Boundary Origin outside the model domain (i.e. other continents), includes a large contribution of desert dust for southern Europe
REST Source categories with less than 10% relative contribution to the total modelled mass are combined under this label.